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Marilyn and Landen

Dear Lyle,

As a buyer in a competitive seller's market I was not optimistic about finding a starter, first home for my son.  I expected that in Toronto, the choices would be limited and, worse, that I would be out-bid on any property that I had hoped for.  Yet, I placed my trust in your professional real estate hands.

Let me once again relay to you my elation in securing the newly-renovated, ideally-located lovely townhouse that was definitely an outstanding deal.

Your strategic approach in negotiating this purchase and your personal attention to all of the intricate details (eg. price point, timing, conversations with the other agent, paperwork, etc.) was top notch.  I am certain that I would not have been able to buy this property so seamlessly with anyone other than yourself.

Sincere thanks for all of your dedicated time and targeted efforts in finding an all-around perfect home for us.  We would highly recommend you to our friends, work colleagues and family.  Your expertise in the field is evident and your future clients will not be disappointed with your service.