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Violet and Giedrius

Taking my daily walk in the neighborhood I would come across a FOR SALE sign by lyle Hamilton on the lawn. After a few days the sign changed to SOLD and you would hear, he got thousands over the listing price. I thought to myself I would like to meet this agent. Well the opportunity came up when I and my nephew decided to buy a condo. I called lyle to set up an appointment, which he agreed would be mid week.

I was absolutely thrilled. Upon meeting lyle I was convinced that he was the perfect person to find. The next day we had several showings and in less than a week we had our condo. Your determination to help us find our new condo was truly inspiring. Your pleasant personality, unbelievable patience, dependability and drive would rate you as a 10+. Should we ever need a real estate professional again, you are definitely number one on our list. We are overjoyed and we want to thank you for making our condo dream come true.