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Alana and Bill

To say that Bill and I are 'over the moon' about our new house is just a HUGE understatement. We are absolutely thrilled and we want to thank you for making our new house a reality - there is no doubt in our minds that you were fundamental in making the deal come together for us.

In working with you through the sale of one house, and the purchase of another, we found your ability to work with us, and everyone else involved in the transactions, to be outstanding - it is remarkable how all parties seem to come out ahead through your involvement in the process.

Over and above your tremendous assistance with the sale and purchase transactions, Bill and I found you to be of invaluable assistance during our house-hunting quest. You were unfailingly professional and enthusiastic in supporting us through our search, despite the fact that we didn't know exactly what we were looking for and frequently changed our search parameters. Your determination to help us find our new house was truly inspiring and definitely kept us going when we might otherwise have gotten discouraged.

We feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with you, and we hope that this note will encourage others to do the same - it is our view that choosing to work with you is the best decision one could make!

All the Best Lyle!
Alana and Bill