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Lyle Hamilton in The Globe and Mail

My Clients Say...

Lyle Hamilton is an executive level real estate consultant. If you have a challenging sales or purchase project, Lyle will coordinate every aspect to make it happen – and it will – with a smile! I have engaged Lyle on three projects, none of them easy:

  1. sale of a 2000 sq ft condo in downtown Toronto suited to a buyer looking for a large entertainment space with outdoor amenities.
  2. purchase of a 1100 sq ft condo suitable to accommodate two home offices.
  3. negotiation of a commercial lease for a 1500 sq ft office suite with complex requirements. Lyle continued to be involved after the lease was signed, ironing out difficulties that were interfering with us getting settled in our new offices.

Lyle is cheerful, responsive, professional, dependable, punctual and trustworthy. Moreover, he is skilled negotiator when the deal could easily depend on the recommendation of the other agent to their client; persistent; well-connected to other agents, including international; and he has at his finger tips, trades and other services that may be needed to smooth the path to completion of a deal.

Lyle, puts meaning back into “full-service representative.”

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Title insurance

Title insurance protects you against loss that could result from many potential defects which could be in your title. The policy guarantees that you will never suffer loss from those defects. Examples of potential claims include:
  • An old lien from a prior owner of your property that was never properly satisfied
  • Taxes, assessments or other municipal charges that went unpaid
  • Failure to obtain access to or from your land
  • Someone claiming they still have rights to your property
  • Forged signatures or other frauds that may have occurred in the chain of title
  • Mental incompetence of one of the signing parties
  • Undisclosed heirs that were never made aware of the court proceeding that distributed real property from an estate who may not have gotten their "fair share"