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Lyle Hamilton in The Globe and Mail

My Clients Say...

Lyle Hamilton is an executive level real estate consultant. If you have a challenging sales or purchase project, Lyle will coordinate every aspect to make it happen – and it will – with a smile! I have engaged Lyle on three projects, none of them easy:

  1. sale of a 2000 sq ft condo in downtown Toronto suited to a buyer looking for a large entertainment space with outdoor amenities.
  2. purchase of a 1100 sq ft condo suitable to accommodate two home offices.
  3. negotiation of a commercial lease for a 1500 sq ft office suite with complex requirements. Lyle continued to be involved after the lease was signed, ironing out difficulties that were interfering with us getting settled in our new offices.

Lyle is cheerful, responsive, professional, dependable, punctual and trustworthy. Moreover, he is skilled negotiator when the deal could easily depend on the recommendation of the other agent to their client; persistent; well-connected to other agents, including international; and he has at his finger tips, trades and other services that may be needed to smooth the path to completion of a deal.

Lyle, puts meaning back into “full-service representative.”

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Preparing to buy

Avoid critical mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars when buying your home!

  1. Don't "low-ball" your initial offer
    Vendors tend to give less of a counter offer (closer to list price), if they feel insulted. Understand the current market value of the home and comparable homes in your area that have SOLD!
  2. A pre-approved mortgage can be done for 90 days for FREE
    You can usually negotiate a discount on your mortgage rate between ½% and 1% off the posted interest rates.
  3. Have your agent arrange a home inspection
    A home inspection with a qualified engineer costs approximately $400. It can be a very good investment. You want to know exactly what you are bidding on and a home inspection report provides a detailed analysis of the home you are thinking about buying.
  4. Avoid buying the most expensive home on the street
    It's usually better to purchase the worst home on the street but in a good area, rather than the best home in the worst area. "Location, Location, Location" is definitely one of the key factors in determining value.
  5. If you can, try for a  down payment of at least 25%.
    When you have a down payment that is almost 25% it is usually less expensive to arrange a mortgage and you will save on CMHC insurance fees.
  6. Arrange an accelerated bi-weekly payment plan on your mortgage.
    You will save the most money if you opt for an accelerated bi-weekly payment plan, or if you double up one payment per year. This can significantly shorten your mortgage amortization period, or the time it takes to pay off your mortgage.
  7. Take advantage of tax credits.
    Place up to $20,000 per person of your down payment in a short term RRSP to be held for at least 90 days, or until closing.
  8. Try and stretch to the maximum payment you can afford. You will save money on:
    1. Land Transfer Tax
    2. Legal Fees
    3. Mortgage & Discharge Fees
    4. Real Estate Fees
  9. Be sure to check lawyer fees ahead of time.
    These are separate from disbursements . Ask your agent to refer you to reliable professionals.